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Mosquito Control

We offer two programs for mosquito control.
1st. One time application for parties and outdoor gatherings. This application is applied 2-4 days prior to event. We find this application works best 2-3 days after treatment, but before a major rain fall. Our trained staff will help you decide the perfect morning to treat. Our certified applicators will mist entire property, trees, shrubs, etc. This helps to control all mosquito’s on property and leaves light residue to control future bugs which fly in. Pricing varies on the size of your lawn.
2. Mosquito Control Program- This is a 4 application process. Our trained applicators spray your entire lawn. Treatments can be done on any day. With multiple applications mosquito’s populations are lowered. Pricing is based on your lawn size.

We can not promise you no bites. Lawn size, ornamental placement, rain intervals and temperature do play a role in mosquito control. Also surrounding areas play a vital part in mosquito populations. Bugs that fly in can only be controlled when they land on a treated surface. We have found with a few area enhancements and our treatments, most customers are very pleased with the our programs.

Controlling mosquito will help reduce the possibility of a health threats, enhance outdoor activities and reduce usage of sprays and repellents.
Keep your lawn clean of- high grass at edges and old objects which might collect water. Long term standing water are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos. Check and clean gutters to ensure proper drainage. A few simple steps can help control thousands of possible mosquitos.


Knowing the life cycle can help you control populations.  By controlling standing water, you reduce the breeding grounds.


Keep gutters clean and flowing.  Remove buckets, pots and other items that hold water.  Try to keep vegetation trimmed and cut .

stagnant water