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Weed Control

Weeds are plants growing where they are not wanted or simply, plants growing out of place. Weed control in a lawn begins with a healthy, vigorous, dense stand of turf. Without sunlight, many weed seedlings cannot survive. An attractive, weed-free lawn can bring a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to the homeowner.

Regular mowing and proper fertilization during late fall and spring improves the appearance of turf areas and reduces the competition weeds provide, but does not eliminate them from the turf. Chemical control with with selective herbicides in others will remove weeds from the turfgrass. Our certified technicians can treat any weed problems that may develop in your lawn.


Easily controlled with normal program

Dandelion Dandelion

Easily controlled with our normal program


Difficult to control.  Customer needs to wait 7-10 days after normal application and then call for service call (please note service calls are no charge)


White or yellow flowers difficult to control.  Customer should wait 7-10 days after application then call for respray.

images (7)

creepingcharlieCreeping Charlie

Difficult to control.  Customer should wait 7-10 days after application then call for respray.


Control with normal treatments


Best to prevent with our crabgrass prevention in spring time.


Note the large pillow shaped leaves.  Controlled with normal application in spring.


Note the small pedals.  Normally grows in cracks of sidewalk.  Best controlled in spring.